Birdtrek videos on youtube .....

 Videos are becoming more popular and occasionally I make a short one ......


One billion rising at Carmarthen



Our German Shepherd:

Making and using a trapnest for poultry. All materials used were up-cycled :)

These ducklings were born at birdtrek and are still here, at least the females are ...


Birdtrek bred and parent reared Senegal parrots


We had to pull the last of the storm daamaged oak down so it would not flatten the fences.


This was filmed at Center Parks on holiday.


This was also filmed at center Parks


This is filmed at birdtrek ... the railway shares our boundary.


Snow at birdtrek.


Our dog .... 


This bat fell from the eves of the house. he made it back eventually.


Birdtrek on ITV.