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Day 10

Post birdtrek Yesterday at 10:00 pm

Day 10:
Set off and went straight to Beamish. Full marks for them for looking after Motorhomes. We were directed to a dedicated area and parked nose to tail with the other motorhomes.. Another AutSleeper Symbol pulled in behind us, and we had an enjoyable chat before setting off. Lots to see, but it was a day of long queues and lots of walking. 
Headed from here back towards Yorkshire and stopped at Swaleview Park in Richmond. Cost £18 ehu was £4 extra, which I declined. The shower cost us another 50p each and donated another 50p to someone who had arrived with only a switch card!

Horse grooming at Beamish.

Beamish Shop

Three pounds in old pennies ..... memories !

Home made crunch ---- free tasting :)

Big guns at Beamish ...

Beamish Transport.

Craft demo at Beamish

I know this chair fits me as I have exactly the same one at my desk at home !

Miners' lamps at Beamish.

Overtook this on road after leaving ...

Day 11:
Went to the Scarecrow Festival In Kettlewell. Huge crowds there enjoying the displays and sunshine.
Then drove south through a foreign town called Bradford and down the M1 in torrential rain and stopped in N Staffordshire, by which time the sun had his hat off. Stopped at a touring park called Cathedral Grange. £14 per night inc ehu.

Kettlewell ... Book Worm

Kettlewell ... Scarecrow Festival

Kettlewell ... Scarecrow Festival

The X factor !

Kettlewell ... Scarecrow Festival

Kettlewell ... Scarecrow Festival - Titanic

Kettlewell ... Scarecrow Festival

Kettlewell ... Scarecrow Festival

Kettlewell ... The Scarecrow is the one on the right ....

Braving the Motorway ....