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Days 13 - 14 - 15 ...

We concluded our holiday at the Western Motorhome Show in Malvern Showground. It was £54 to camp for the whole weekend, as we had not pre booked. There was no ehu. We were surprised at the size of the event and had never seen so many motorhomes at one venue. Entertainment was provided through the day and evenings. The 'big' event on the Saturday night was ticketed at £14 per person. Many thanks to the stranger who approached us that evening and gave us two tickets for free, the show was excellent.

Our allocated spot.

The cavernous ones ...

Autotrail club?

Early morning dog walkers.

Mostly still sleeping ..

This kind man took my empty gas cylinder and returned the full one for me.

Flags galore..

Some people not happy with just a motorhome on holiday ...


Days 13 - 14 - 15 ... Westerners.

The Westerners and the Lonestar enactment group were very entertaining. The dramatic and noisy sketches they played out were very well done.

TeePee ...

Gear for sale ..

Gear for sale ..

Westerners ..

Lonestar Camp ...

Westerners ..

Westerners ..

Female Westerners ..

Westerner's camp .... one of 54

Westerner's camp ...