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Day 1:
Left Carmarthen West Wales on Sunday 5th. Heading for Scotland. Travelled via Aberystwyth and up to North West Wales via the A55.
The rain on the A55 was so heavy the traffic was pulling over and stopping.
We headed and eventually joined the M6 heading north.
The radio said that there were flooding problems in the Scottish borders so we decided to divert to high ground and headed off the motorway at Jct 34 and made our way to the Yorkshire Dales.
On the B6255 we spotted a small Inn with adjoining campsite. We spent our first night here after a lovely meal and some ale in the inn. Cost with ehu £14.
In the inn we chatted to some locals and they recommended a place called Dent on the Dales.

Rain on A55 ...

First coffee stop off motorway ....

Day 2:
Travelled along miles of single lane back roads to the small town of Dent. As we arrived the tarmac came to an end and then we realised we had to drive on the cobble streets !
An ample car park was found. We stayed here for hours and it was tempting to use the campsite there. We then headed to Hawes and explored there. We spent the night at a caravan park near Sedbergh. Cost with ehu £17.

View overlooking Hawes - highest town in England?

Waterfall in Hawes

Sheepdog training in Dent

Viaduct on way to Dent/Hawes

A street in Dent village

Day 3:
Headed back to the M6 and north to Scotland. Came off the M74 at jct 15 and headed up the A708 viewing the Grey Mare’s tail and stopping at Saint Marys Loch. Here we found the Inn where we stayed in their car park for £10. Here I met Brian from Glasgow who bought me Jura whiskey - the landlord recommended visiting Peebles.

Mare's tail - en route

Saint Marys Loch

Saint Marys Loch

Saint Marys Loch

Saint Marys Loch

Saint Marys Loch

Moffat town

Moffat town

Moffat town

Random Stop ..

Random Stop