Get rid of blood mites!

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Get rid of Blood mites!
 Blood Shield is not a pesticide but is classified as supplementary animal food under GMP+ certification.
 By administering Blood Shield to the drinking water of birds, the blood mites are controlled on a natural basis because the composition of the blood of the birds wil be changed.
The effect is based on the principle that mites that have received this altered blood by parasitizing the bird cannot digest it.
 As a result, these mites will not return to their hiding places, no longer reproduce and die within a few days, without visiting the birds again.

 The effect of Blood Shield is based on the fact that a certain percentage of active substances is built up in the bird's blood (blood level) during the start-up course in the first 7 days.
 This percentage must be high enough to have an effect in the behavior of the blood mites.
 This is achieved with a dosage of 1ml Blood Shield on 1 liter of fresh drinking water.
 Due to the maintenance dose that we administer after this first course on a (preferably) fixed day in the week, we guarantee that this blood level remains sufficiently high and does not fall back below the limit at which the blood mites can no longer digest the blood.   
 It is advisable to have, a maintenance course of 7 consecutive days, similar to the starting course 3 or 4 times a year.
 As a result, any later released nites and blood mites brought in via "external sources" do not get a chance to multiply.

 Blood Shield is a product of Barnguard, a brand of Dosers BV, Netherlands.


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