Male Green Cheek Conure
DescriptionMale Green Cheek Conure for sale, 2 years old open to sensible offers. 
breeding Conure pairs
DescriptionHi I am looking for breeding Conures pairs. Please you text me about it. Thank you.
Conure breeding pair
Descriptionfor sale 2019 male sun cheek  2020 cinnamon split bluef emale  Mutations Ready to breed again but I have no space for them Last clutch was 6 I believe 3 being sun cheek which were hand reared   
DescriptionBreeding pair of mutation Green Cheek S/F Violet Opaline cock x Green Violet Opaline Hen DNA certs, good breeding birds. £295 collection or courier. 


DescriptionThis years young, no ring no dna, bred by myself, need gone need the room £50 
2021 high red yellow sided splits
DescriptionReady from 10th August. 2 male (one high red yellow sided, one pineapple)                                           one pineapple hen                                            parent reared, used t
Roseifron conure male
DescriptionWanted male must be DNA'd and rung
Male Green Cheek Conure
DescriptionMale Turquoise Green Cheek Conure for sale, 2 years old open to sensible offers. 
Turquoise Green Cheek Pair
DescriptionFor sale: 2014 Turquoise Green cheek pair £250 ONO, Split rung, bonded, Steady pair will take seeds from your hand. Reason for sale need space for another pair. Looking DF Violet Turquoise Pineapple

Mutation conures

* For Sale *
Mutation conures
DescriptionMutation greencheeked pair s/f violet opaline 2020 cock x 2017 proven hen both dna sexed c/rung very compatible pair genuine reason for sale £375

Hand Reared Conures

* For Sale *
Hand Reared Conures
DescriptionWe have two tame hand reared yellow sided conures for sale about 8 weeks old fully weaned.  Unsexed Price £200 each
handreared green cheek conure
Description2 baby handreared baby green cheek conures, 1 yellowsided and 1 pineapple. Parents are a yellowsided split cinnamon cock and a yellowsided hen. Chicks were born 20th May and 22nd May 2021 so just over
Hand reared conures
DescriptionHand reared conures yellow sided,They make great pets have great personality’s ready for they new homes in two weeks.Please call me for more information £280 each.Please call me for more information.
Wanted: Dusky Conure Hen
DescriptionI am seeking 0.1 Dusky Headed Conure (Aratinga weddellii), to pair with lone male  Must be in perfect health and feather 

Green Cheeked Conures

Green Cheeked Conures
Description2 pairs of green cheeked conures.   Pair 1, perfect birds both from 2019 rung. £225    Pair 2, Perfect birds, 2014 cock. Hen yellow sided 2020 rung. £250   ONO.   All 4 share the same flight.
Hand reared Pineapple green cheek
Description1 remaining hand reared Pineapple green cheeked conure. Looking for a new forever home. ID band and sexed. (Waiting for results of sexing).  
Breeding pair Pyrrhura molinae
DescriptionProven pair yellowside split pineapple split blue cock. yellowside split blue hen.  £450 no offers.
Turquoise Green Cheek Conure
DescriptionFor sale: 2014 Green turquoise pair £300 ONO Split Rung DNA Bonded but not proven for me. Steady pair will take seeds from your hand. Looking DF Violet Turquoise Pineapple split dilute. 
Conure chicks
DescriptionHi, I want Conure chicks with DNA certificate. Please you text me. Thank you.
turquoise mutation green cheeks
Descriptionlooking for turquoise mutation baby green cheek conures or split to turquoise. 2021 birds and dna sexed.

Atlas of Conures

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Atlas of Conures
DescriptionATLAS of CONURES (Book) Aratinga's and Pyrrhura's by Thomas Arndt. Condition: Like new. Price £40. Email direct:
mike walker
Descriptionwanted contact with steve  ........ from wales who has fiery shouldered conures please contact me for to buy any young that you breed or to exchange new blood lines with our young birds     regards mi