Red faced parrot finches
Description3 red heads, all cocks.  Don't want them just living their life out.  2 from 2019, 1 2018. £30 each.
Luzon Bleeding Heart dove
Description2x Luzon Bleeding Heart dove - Gallicolumba luzonica 2020 bred, Dna'ed sexed males £80 each Email direct for details:
Mountain Witch dove
Description2x Jamaican Crested Quail dove/Mountain Witch dove - Geotrygon versicolor 2020 bred Dna'ed sexed males. £100 each. Email direct for details…    
Young pied diamond doves for sale
DescriptionYoung pied diamond doves starting to show white unsexed of two different pairs  £20 each

splendid parakeets

* For Sale *
splendid parakeets
Descriptionproven cocks white breasted violets 50.00 each green violet cocks and hens 45.00 each 2020 blue pastels 30.00 each
Various ground birds
Description6-6 California quails 3-3 European quails 2-2 crested Bobwhites2-2 Arabian chukars 1-1 European rock partridge 6-6 rain quail
DescriptionQuality pair of yellowhammers wanted,
Green Singing Finch
DescriptionWanted hen  green singing finch. Chester area if possible. Contact 07812466248.
Australian finches
DescriptionWanted Australian finches, to pick up at Hereford sale , thanks


* For Sale *
DescriptionHi advertising for friend not a member  2 pairs of reds billed firefinches  £80 a pair  1 pair of blue caps £80  Ask for Alan 
grey singers
Descriptionim looking for some grey singer finches, a couple of pairs or odd birds
Gouldian finches for sale
DescriptionTop quality gouldian finches for sale 2019/2020 Normals £60pr Yellows £75pr Blues £90pr Will use specialist birds courier if required Please phone or text as emails don't always arrive 


* For Sale *
DescriptionHi all , I have British goldfinch cocks 2018 --- 2019 birds for sale £50 each and pairs of mutation Siberian goldfinches for sale £400 a pair.   
Exhibition Java Sparrows
DescriptionExhibition Java Sparrows in normal fawn, white and silver £30pr. Withheld numbers will not be answered  CO7
Mexican house finches
Descriptionfor sale 2 breeding pairs of mexican house finches 20118 birds also 1 hen 2019 and one cock and two hens 2020 birds   £25pr odd birds £10.00 each 
Hen yellow winged Pytilla
DescriptionWanted yellow winged Pytilla hens. will travel  thanks 
Blackwings and Splits
DescriptionVisual blackwings available in  Green, Dark green, Yf cobalt, Opaline From £150 Splits available in  Green, Dark green, Olive, Violet, Fallow, Opaline and split opaline cocks From £75  
Black Francolins For Sale
Description2x Pair Of black Francolins  2x Male Black Francolins  Beautiful birds  Ready to Breed next spring. 
Blue ground doves
DescriptionProven pr blue ground doves £120 SOLD 
Olive pigeon for sale
DescriptionOlive pigeon pairs 2019/2020 hatched  common bronze wing pigeon 2020 hatched   
2020 Australian finches
Description2020 Australian finches most parent reared some in outside aviary   10 pairs PARSONS £50 u/r pairs some aviary bred  4 PAIRS SOLD 3 pairs HECKS £45 u/r pairs aviary bred fawns normals all split cre
Black francolin or Kala teetar
DescriptionBreeding pair of kala teetar for sale, birds are breeding aviary birds they are not tame however they are not jumpy either. Male started to speak in the summer when breeding season started, videos ava

Parrot finches

* For Sale *
Parrot finches
Description2020  unsexed red faced parrot finches will sell or exchange for same or for blue faced parrot finches Also want a red siskin cock