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African Grey, Macaws

Wanted after Lockdown
African Grey, Macaws
Description  Is there anyone giving up in the Cornwall / Plymouth / Exeter area? I'm just getting back into birds again after a spell of living away and want to get a good stock of birds. Ideally someone that
Cambridge Bird Sale
DescriptionCAMBRIDGE BIRD SALE Sponsored by Bavister’s Pet Centre   NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF SUNDAY 31st JANUARY SALE The first sale scheduled for 2021 is now cancelled due to the ongoing Covid pandemic and
Merry Christmas
DescriptionChristmas Greetings. Wishing all friends, acquaintances, and those I've only exchanged an email with, a quiet safe Christmas. Chris & Jan Iles
Merry Christmas
DescriptionMerry Christmas to all you bird breeders out there been a strange year but let’s hope 2021 better both for health and to a good breeding season..and a big thanks to Chris for keeping this site going m
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