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DescriptionEast African Crowned Cranes. 1 DNA Sexed Pair of 2016 1 DNA Sexed Female of 2017 1 DNA Sexed Female of 2018 1 DNA Sexed Female of 2019 All Birds are Related.  Photo is of the Parents. SALE or Ex

Peafowl For Sale

* For Sale *
Peafowl For Sale
DescriptionNormal Indian Blue. Two sets of one peacock and two peahens for sale. All 18 months old. £275 for three birds. Sorry will not split but if trio bought can sell extra hen at £90. 
Grey headed Swamphen
DescriptionParent reared pairs and male Grey headed Swamphens available. Please contact for further details. If you would like to see pictures and video of the whole rearing process please look at my Facebook pa
WANTED Crested partridge Roul-Roul
DescriptionLooking for a pair of Crested Partridge, Roul-Roul can use Walkers Transport
2020 Waterfowl for sale
Description2020 Waterfowl hand reared and pinioned. Baikal Teal £100 pr, Falcated Teal £75 pr, Australian White eye £200 pr, Ringed Teal £50 pr.