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African greys
DescriptionHi for sale hand reared baby African greys there 8 weeks old close rung with all the paperwork lovely birds will make excellent pets if interested give me a call on 07788274872 Tommy there £850 each 
Adult Hooded Hen
DescriptionAdult Hooded hen wanted, must be closed rung
Roul roul hen
DescriptionHen roul roul wanted reasonably priced please may consider 2 hens at gd price ....near to me as possible please 
Pekin Robin hen
DescriptionHen pekin Robin to or with my male bird ....reasonably priced please and near me as possible please ...
Soft bils for sale
DescriptionGracula religiosa religiona 2019 dna rings 2000pounds apair.gracula religiosa intermedia 2019 dna  sexed 2000 for pair.male gracula religiosa intermedia 1000 for male.siver eared  mesiah .male 2017 40
Princess of Wales
Description2019 unrelated pair of normal princess of Wales £150 


For Sale
DescriptionParent reared Blue Pineapple Conure Cocks x 2. Fed on the best diet. DNA Sexed . £75 each or £ 130 for the 2.
madagascar lovebirds
Description3 pair all under 4 years old close rung 100 a pair.
Pictorella and chestnuts breasted mannik
Descriptionpictorellas , one hen , three cocks. Chestnuts breasted 2 chicks not yet coloured up or sexed. £200 the lot. 07909947037.

Star Finches

For Sale
Star Finches
DescriptionStar finch 2018 unrelated pair, photo is actual pair. Reared chicks this year. £50. 07909947037.
Description1.1 EMERALD STARLINGS German bred, with dna certificates 2017/18 in good feather and colour   Located in London ... can be sent by Walkers Couriers
1.1 White Wagtail [Motacilla alba]
Description2.2 White Wagtail [Motacilla alba] 2019 close-rung unrelated bred in The Netherlands & Belgium with DNA certificates
DescriptionHEN PEKIN ROBIN 2019 captive bred, with dna certificate   Just one hen available, located in London, can be sent by Walkers Courier  
Description1.1 CHESTNUT FLANKED ZOSTEROPS superb condition true pair, 2017/18 rarely seen in the UK    
Lineolated parakeets
DescriptionLast of my 4 lineolated parakeets for sale, 1 Green, 2 Colbalt, 1 Turquoise, 1.5-3 years old, proven, all upto date with worming and mite treatments, healthy birds, good flyers, aviary kept not tame k
Parrot finches
DescriptionWanted  Pairs of normal red faced parrot finches  Pairs of peales parrot finches  Can collect if not to far away  Please email me  
derbyans  proven pair (no time wasters)!
DescriptionDerbyans proven pair 6 year old hens little scruffy on chest cocks perfect feather brilliant pair of birds £240 no offers selling as need room for bigger parrots only rezone for sale . call or text 07
Bali starlings,pekin robin,roul roul par
Description2 Bali starlings,females both laid eggs this year with papers,1 male pekin robin,1 male roul roul partridge,buyer buys all 4 birds £500.
The Birds Of Paradise and Bower Birds
DescriptionThe Birds Of Paradise and Bower Birds : Cover is damaged, Book itself very good condition. £90. or nearest offer? Possibly take to December PS show.
Saffron finch
Description2018 bred Saffron finch, Adult hen, closed rung, dna sexed with cert. £150. Possibly take to December PS show.
Doves & Finches
Description2019 Emerald spotted wood dove male, dna sexed £35. 2019 Picui ground dove male £35. 2019 Emerald dove male £45. 2019 Timor zeb finch pairs £15. pair 2018 Saffron finch dna'ed Hen £150. Possibly
Atlas of Conures
DescriptionATLAS of CONURES (Book) Aratingas and Pyrrhuras by Thomas Arndt. Condition: Like new. Price £40. Possibly take to December Parrot Society show. email:
Various birds
Description- pair African greys £1000 - pair blue and gold macaws - immaculate £1700 - scruffy pair blue and gold macaws £1000 - pair green wings - £3000 - pair orange wing amazons £500  - pair triton cocka
Pineapple conure