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For Sale
Description3 Male suncheeks conures £375 each 1 pair 2019 suncheeks £700  1 Male pineapple split suncheek £175 . 1 2018 yellowsided  split dilute hen £175 D/f violet blue yellowsided conures £200 each  3 mal


For Sale
DescriptionAll DNA 1 Hen Yellowside 2017 proven £70 Sold 1 Hen Yellowside/Dilute/Turquoise 2019 £125 Sold 1 Hen Turquoise 2019 £75 Sold 1 Cock DF Green Violet/Turquoise/Opaline 2017 proven £125 Can meet at
Conures for sale
Description3 proven conures for sale 2 hens and 1 cockk bird One pineapple hen A pair of green cheek All closed rung £150 for all
Conures for Stafford
Description3 Male suncheeks conures £373 each. 1 Male pineapple split suncheek £175 . D/f violet blue yellowsided conures £200 each  3 males 5 hens can make unrelated pairs . 2 pair adult Df violet blue Green
Conures wanted
DescriptionAnyone taking the following to Stafford please ? Looking for a pair of  Sun conures  Jenday conures Crimson bellied conures Blue throated conures  Pearly conures Pairs only please no odd birds,
Crested doves
DescriptionLooking for a pair or single bird(s) to pair up ...if not far could collect but if going Newark end of march could meet there....reasonably priced please ...text me when any offers 
Crimison Bellied Conure Male
Description Crimison Bellied Male Closed rung Dna papers 5 years old £150

Crimson bellied conures

Crimson bellied conures
Description2 crimson bellied conures dna’d cock and hen(nest mates) £150 each
Crimson belly conure Male
DescriptionWanted Adult DNA sexed male crimson belly gping to Stafford 
Crimson breasted conures
DescriptionProven pair with dna have not bred this year aprox 6year old £290
Crimson wing
DescriptionWanted adult hen crimson wing  going to Stafford on Sunday tel 07762714057
Croaking Doves
DescriptionPr croaking doves £100
Croaking ground dove cock
DescriptionIam in desperate need of a cock bird been looking now for 18 months. To pair with our egg laying hen 
Croaking ground dove cock
DescriptionGoing to Stafford show 
Crow king ground dove cock
DescriptionI am going to Stafford 

Cuban finches

2019 bred
Cuban finches
DescriptionYoung Cuban finches for sale,can take to Stafford.1st March.
DNA pair blue throated conures
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, DNA adult sexed pair blue throated conures, both have A10 cities paperwork, both in excellent feather, ready for breeding, £350 the pair. Also I have a dna male blue throate
DNA Patagonian pair
DescriptionDNA pair, stunning birds in perfect feather, lovely big birds and for someone to wants something different as you don't see these for sale often, £500.
DNA Quaker Hen
DescriptionLooking for a breeding age DNA Quaker hen  Would like either green series split blue or a blue mutation  to pair to a 2017 albino cock  would ideally like to collect at Stafford  please email me o
DNA sexed pair lutino quakers
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, DNA sexed pair lutino Quakers, adult ready for breeding, both in mint condition, £240 the pair no offer, willing to do swaps
DNA sexed pair senegal parrots
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, DNA sexed pair senegal parrots, closed PSUK rung, 9 year old, ( previously didn't know exact age so have caught them to check rings) still years left for breeding, both in m

Double breeding cages

Double breeding cages
Description3  Double breeding cubes  complete with trays , swing feeders , perch holders and nest boxes . All in good condition and clean .   £125 each double .


For Sale
Description2019 Emerald dove male £50. 2019 Emerald spotted wood dove male, dna sexed £35. 2019 Picui ground dove male £35. 2019 Luzon Bleeding Heart dove hen, dna sexed £225. Adult Jamaican Witch dove  dna
Ducorps cockatoo
DescriptionHen Ducorps cockato for sale table at Stafford  £450 tel 07762714057