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DescriptionI have young and pair up lovebirds,opalines with redhead,orange head,white head with different body colours,Fallow in blue,yellow pale ,Fischer opalines,split opalines,violet and normal green hens.Fro
Pineapple conure
Description2019 DNA cock pineapple conure. £70 Going to Stafford 
Wanted breeding pair of galahs
DescriptionWanted breeding pair of galah cockatoos must have dna and ringed birds only no traders or dealers contact 07788886774 


For Sale
Descriptionclose rung and dna sexed pearly conure hen for sale


Descriptionlooking for a roseifron cock and a black capped hen and a finschi cock thanks 
senegal hen wanted
Descriptionsenegal hen young adult wanted prefer if close rung thanks
kakarikis . lineolated + pf lovebirds
DescriptionI have a few surplus birds to go various coloured kakariki .lineolated and peach faced lovebirds call for more info
Baby African greys
DescriptionFor sale babe African greys there 8 weeks old at the moment and are close rung with all the paperwork will be ready for new home just in time for Christmas lovely Christmas present if you’re intereste
Silver eared mesiah male
Description2017  male silver eared mesiah .
Mollucan lrikeets
DescriptionPair or single reasonably or book young for next breeding season ...thanks 


For Sale
DescriptionQuality hazelnuts, out of shell, ideal for all parrots / conures etc,  no shells to pay for so less wastage, £50 per bag, we can post at cost to buyer, or can collect, only phone calls get priority, 
Sky Birds - Doncaster Show - Bird List
DescriptionSky Birds – Doncaster Pigeon Show. This Saturday 23/11/2019. I can take birds if reserved. My number is 07962 099830. This is a list of what’s available, most common birds also available. Hogoromo

SKY BIRDS - Doncaster Pigeon Show

Bird Show / Sale / Event
SKY BIRDS - Doncaster Pigeon Show
DescriptionSky Birds will be attending the Doncaster Pigeon Show this Saturday 23rd November 2019 at Doncaster Racecourse. (DN2 6BB) Doors open at 9:15am till 5:00pm. Sky Birds have been asked if we can attend u
Senegal cock
DescriptionLooking for an adult senegal cock. Reasonably priced. Lost mine during the fireworks.
Bird Nest Box Camera Set Up
DescriptionParrot/Bird nest box camera set up. Monitor is wireless, colour, has sound and has night vision.  Also has a range of up to 100ft. Comes with 3 x cameras in perfect working order £100


DescriptionProven cock red sided eclectus flying in a 60 ft aviary immaculate bird and only for sale as lost hen egg bound £500 Bought as 4 year old and has bred for the last 3 years here so 7 years old trying t
White Earred Conure Hen
DescriptionWanted white earred conure Hen to replace lost one.  Based in North East

Pr Horned Parakeets

Pr Horned Parakeets
DescriptionAdult Proven Pair of Horned Parakeets for sale, reluctant sale but have decided to sell up my Horned, CITES paperwork complete. £900. Not going to Stafford, but courier possible. Contact 07591903058

Cock Horned Parakeet

Cock Horned Parakeet
DescriptionAdult Proven Cock Horned Parakeet for sale (just lost hen egg bound), complete with CITES paperwork. £450. Not going to Stafford, but courier possible. Contact: 07591903058 or Adam.mogg@btinternet.c
Wanted java sparrows
DescriptionWanted java sparrows Can pick up from s wales
Conures . Parrotlets
Description1 proven pair of Conures . Come with nest box. £120 1 proven pair of Parrotlets . Come with nest box £55. 1 pair un proven Parrotlets . Last years birds . Come with nest box. £50. Will sell all
Bullfinch, siskin, chaffinch
DescriptionFor sale: 2-2 european bullfinches 2018/2019 2-2 european siskins 2019 2-2 chaffinches 2018/2019 2-2 parva goldfinches 2019 0-2 greenfinch 2019   All birds are close ringed. Delivery to UK pos
Softbills, luscinia cyane, etc
DescriptionFor sale: 2-2 Siberian blue robin 2019 (with DNA) 2-2 Siberian rubytroath 2019 1-1 Trush nightingale 2019 (with DNA) 1-1 Rufous tailed robin 2019 (With DNA) 1-1 Red flanked bluetail 2019 (with DN
Bull Finches Wanted.
DescriptionBullfinches wanted .Pairs or single birds. Goldfinches also wanted, cock or hen. Aviary home, realistic prices please. I can collect from the South West or, can be sent by reputable courier.