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DescriptionI HAVE BREEDING PAIRS OF BEARDED BARBETS FOR SALE  2016 proven pair £400 2017 bonded pair £385 2019 male from proven pair £145 all birds in immaculate condition feed on top quality diet 
mutation plumheads wanted
Descriptionyellow pastel cock wanted
proven pair   blue and gold
Descriptionlovely proven pair blue and gold macaw cock s/s 8 years old hen 5 years £1500 the pair if you dont wanted to pay this dont ring and no i am not spliting  them up hen not for sale
Breeding colony conures
DescriptionBreeding colony of 10 proven conures for sale double factor blue pineapple ,pineapple blues and yellow sided conures 1 normal hen aswell 11 in total some dna 1 hen has 1 leg so only pricing the 10 she
pair plumheads £250
Descriptionlovely proven pair plum head £250
Various parrots for sale
Description Pair of 2018 green cheek conures close rung with dna £130 pair 2018 prince of Wales close rung with dna £140   
Exhibition java Sparrows
Description2019 exhibition java sparrows normals and silvers all in Excellent condition £30 pr 2 pr £50  
Wanted hen sun conure  and cock African
DescriptionLooking for sun conure hen must be close rung with dna and be breeding age  also looking for male african grey must be close rung or microchiped  with dna 
Barnards hen wanted
DescriptionLooking for a hen Barnard,  prefer around a year old with dna, also prefer a blue.

Mutation 28

For Sale
Mutation 28
DescriptionYoung male 28, 2018,MISTY split blue,very steady bird as I originally handreared him,this is the last one i will be selling this year.I can send bird with curio,A deposit will be required within 48 to
Amazons and caiques
Description Pair of adults yellow napes this year had one chick auropaliattas wild birds.                                                                                       1 proven cock birds yellow naped a
Proven pair split lutino galah
DescriptionProven pair of galahs  cock split lutino £1500 produced two lutino hen youngsters and two possible split cocks immaculate pair also one young  lutino hen off above pair £ 1500 lutino hen  (reserved) p
Red cap lorikeets
DescriptionLooking for single bird(s) or pair ...any birds considered....reasonably priced please 


For Sale
DescriptionBeautiful proven male 2 and a half  years  old £60 Please don't hesitate  to contact  me for more information 
Croaking ground dove cock
DescriptionWill be at Stafford show in December 
Breeding pair of kings
DescriptionProven pair of breeding king's  Beautiful pair of birds £375 Please dont hesitate to contact  me for  more  information 
Female vosmeari Eclectus
DescriptionAvailable  2019 close rung Female vosmeari Eclectus hand reared but not a pet £1200

Proven Pair

For Sale
Proven Pair
DescriptionI have a proven pair of King parrots for sale due to my husband cutting down on his birds.  They are in excellent health and have bred they are in fine feather condition.  I would like £425 or nearest
Blue Theoated Macaw Adult Female
DescriptionFemale Proven Blue Theoated MACAW,close rung with cities .Immaculate condition with all nails and toes  Female and male blue throated macaw  related ,2018 parent reared from above adult female with c

Strawberry Finches

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Strawberry Finches
DescriptionBreeding pair of Strawberry Finches.  2018 aviary bred and have produced chicks this year.  £70pr.  Taking to BKA sale today in West Thurrock. 


2019 bred
DescriptionSpangles from £40.00 each. Opalines from £ 50.00 each + Split Opaline Cocks £ 45 .00 each.   Table 25 at Stafford Bird Show  Dec; 1st .
 White-bellied Caique
Description19 White-bellied Caique Parent reared posable hen lovely bird no defects Not hand tame  but handled every day while in the nest Would not want it to spend the rest of its life in a cage but would prob
Chinese painted quail
DescriptionChinese painted quail for sale. Most colours available. £10 a pair, discount available on larger quantities.

Roul roul

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Roul roul
DescriptionAny roul roul being take to bird sale tomo in thurrock ! Thanks pair or single wanted ...