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Wanted Spreo Starlings
DescriptionWanted DNA pair of Spreo Starlings. Proven or adult birds and must be unrelated. 

Birds going stafford

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Birds going stafford
DescriptionBirds going stafford show    Pr blue pennants    Pr cinnamon Pennants    8 young gmr    Proven pr cloncurrys    Young cloncurry from above pr   9 young plumheads    4 young barrabands 
Bourkes/ Turqs / Bluewings
DescriptionA few 2019 Bourkes, Turqs and Bluewings left. Going to Stafford/ Newark
Looking Carlisle  seller of Cuban Amazon
Descriptionlooking for the seller of the Cuban amazons from Carlisle as looking to buy will require more information but very interested can you pleas get in touch thank you alan  ring or text cheers
Birds for Stafford
DescriptionHi I have Pennants going to Stafford 6/10/2019.  Adult  and this years young all with DNA  2018 Orange Cinnamon Cock £120 2019  Cinnamon Orange Cock  a nice Cinnamon cock a Blue Cock and a Blue Hen
Wanted African grey
DescriptionWanted african grey cock bird preferably 2-3 yrs old. Must have cities and be closed rung. Cash waiting 
X5 mixed lovebirds
Description 0756224144, Middlesbrough. X5 mixed lovebirds. X1 albino peach faced, x2 white with blue markings peach faced,x1 Fischer and 1 black masked.sexes unknown, this year's and last year's birds. All in m
X3 dna sexed female quakers
Description07562274144, Middlesbrough. X3 DNA sexed female Quakers, all aviary bred. X1 blue about 1 year old. X1 mint green pastel 8 weeks old, x1 blue pastel 10 weeks old.£70 each
DNA sexed pair lutino quakers
Description07562274144, middlesbrough. Pair DNA sexed lutino Quakers, 2 pair to choose from, proven for last owner, 3 and4 year old. all in mint condition. £220 a pair

Grey backed thrushes

Grey backed thrushes
Descriptionpairs of grey backed thrushes  available soon,going to Stafford and Newark,£120 a pair,
Fisher lovebirds for Stafford
Description  Yellowfaced par-blue fisher lovebird to turquoise fisher lovebird £200. Turquoise fisher lovebird hen £150. all birds are closed rung with dna  small deposit required to reserve your bird  tabl
Conures for Stafford
Description suncheek Male  £425 Pair violet blue turquoise yellowsided conures £225. 4 pair redfronted yellowsided conures £150 A-pair  Pair pineapple conures £160 Pair Blue pineapple to violet blue turquois

Java doves

Proven Pair
Java doves
DescriptionHave a number of proven pairs available, and some youngsters 
DescriptionI am selling one pair of young Adult TUCAMEN AMAZONS.These have all necessary  CITES paperwork and DNA certificates.They are 8/9years old.Aviary kept on varied diet.Very active Rarely seen these days

Aviary panels

Aviary panels
Description10 x half metal sheet and half 12g wire / also 3 x all wire with 2 doors on each panel one on left one on right / also 2x all metal sheet panels 15 panels in all . All panels are 8x8 foot panels never
Proven /ex-pet male african grey wanted
DescriptionHi I’m looking for a proven male african grey or ex pet much be 7+ with cities and also should be closed rung with exact date of birth. If you anything, please contact by calling the following number.
Common Mynah
DescriptionFor sale I have an adult pair of White Cheeked Turacos, female has laid but 2nd impending house move in short succession forces sale, good healthy birds. SOLD  also unsexed Common Mynah - was part
Hen black cap


Bird Show / Sale / Event
DescriptionWAXBILL FINCH SOCIETY Northern Branch meeting Sunday 15th September Guest speaker Mark Dancer - Demonstration on how mark makes his rearing food.   Mark is one of the most successful Waxbill bree

Waxbill finch society meeting

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Waxbill finch society meeting
DescriptionWAXBILL FINCH SOCIETY Northern Branch meeting Sunday 15th September Guest speaker Mark Dancer - Demonstration on how mark makes his rearing food.   Mark is one of the most successful Waxbill bre
Aussie Finches
DescriptionGouldians £55pr, Hecks £35pr normals and whites, Bichenos £45pr, Blue Faced Parrot finches £65pr Trio of Chestnut Breasted £60 the three, Javas £20pr, hen Diamond Doves £10each We are in Cornwall, So
Pekin Robins, Bearded Reedlings
DescriptionFor sale 2019 bred Pekin Robins 7 available now waiting on DNA but 4 definite cocks and looks like 3 hens can make 1 unrelated pair the rest are related. 2 more in nest but not ready for a few weeks.