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African grey

African grey
Description proven African grey male Andrew greenwood sexed With cites papers  £400  no timwasters  
Buffons Touraco pair
DescriptionLovely pair of Buffons Touracos available. Hen is hand tame. DNA certificates included. Hen 2 1/2 Cock 2 yrs Kept outside all winter with no problems at all and currently  in a mixed flight with oth
Baby cock cockatiel
DescriptionWANTED  Baby, tame or hand reared Cockatiel. Normal Grey, Pied or Lutino, or even Albino. Must be cock, must be hand tame.  GOING TO STAFFORD, can meet you there.  Reasonable price paid.  No ti
Immature  Yellow Thighed Caique
Descriptionimmature, parent reared, cock, Yellow Thighed Caique for sale. DNA sexed and certificate.  Hatched June 2018, fledged August 2018. Beautiful, big bird. Lovely colours. GOING TO STAFFORD SPRING SHOW.

Pied diamond doves

Going to Stafford Spring Sale
Pied diamond doves
Description5 pied diamond doves £125 for all Can take to Stafford if deposit is paid 
Bourkes Elegants
DescriptionLooking for two henn Turqs and two hen Elegants. Going to Stafford 
Various birds
DescriptionWestern bluebills £250 pair or 2 pairs £450  1-2 grey singers £120 trio blue face parrot finches £50 pair cock forbes parrot finch £30  great tits £120 pair blue tits £130 pair  collection from
high red pineapples
Description wanted 1x high red pineapple cock bird early 2018 dna sexed closed rung wanted 1 x high red pineapple hen. early 2018 bird , dna sexed, closed rung. wanted 1x high red pineapple cock  up to 3 years
Yellow naped hen
DescriptionYellow naped Amazon hen egg laying 14 years old immaculate condition all cites and DNA certificates going to Stafford £950


For Sale
DescriptionBlack francolins 2018 cock birds £80 each hen birds £50 each  breeding pair 2017 £150 cock bird £100  sliver pheasent hens 2017 £20 each  peacock pheasant cock birds 2017 £80 each  pair of grey ch
African Grey Hens
Description  Two adult proven Grey hens. 1 good condition, fully feathered, CITES and DNA available £550 ovno 1 plucked front, healthy, good breeder, CITES and DNA available £450 ovno   Both Microchipped  

red collared lorikeets for sale

Going to Stafford Spring Sale
red collared lorikeets for sale
Description2018 dna sexed pair of red collared lorikeets for sale £300 going to stafford show birds in perfect feather