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Cock Corona Glouster Canary Wanted
DescriptionCock Corona Glouster Canary Wanted.
Hen red breasted turquisine wanted
DescriptionHen red breasted turquisine wanted.
Many Coloured Cock Wanted
Description Many coloured cock bird wanted.


For Sale
Description Gouldians, blues £75 a pair normals £55 a pair 1 pair yellows oh/wb double factor cock bird. all parent reared all close rung, 2017/2018 birds fully moulted regards chris phone 07807053537. East York
Various Birds For Carlisle Bird Show
DescriptionBelow birds will be taken to Carlisle show on the 3rd February. Birds are only guaranteed if ordered in advance and a 10% deposit paid. Also various plastics and nest boxes will be available.  Parake
male white crested laughing thrush
Descriptionhi looking for a male white crested laughing thrush  garrulax leucolophus 
Red tail cockatoos
DescriptionPair of unrelated red tail cockatoos in excellent condition larger specie male and female Dna closed rung 2 and 3 years old  i cant upload photos but if u email me I can send them 
Bluefronts Amazons
DescriptionFor sale  2,2018 Bluefronts Amazon  Parent reared  Unsexed related  No tx or emails  £350 each would do deal if you want both
Red tailed black cockatoo
DescriptionHand reared, almost weaned.18 weeks old. DNA sexed cock bird.07484844320
Pennance Parrakeets
DescriptionLarge Pennance Parrkeets split for Albino, orange pastel olive,nice steady birds £75 .Tel 01923 678552.
Crimson-rumped Toucanet
Description1.0 Crimson-rumped Toucanet, CB '16 close rung. Perfect condition. £1950 ono. Contact for further details. 


For Sale
DescriptionBlue gouldians£80 a pair normals £60 a pair  1pair of yellows oh/wb double factor cock bird all closed rung all parent reared good quality birds fully moulted and ready to breed  contact chris 0780705