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DescriptionHi    Black Francolin pairs (male & female) for sale.    £150 per pair.    We do not allow visitors to our house, if you would like to buy/see birds we will meet you at a mutual location or


For Sale
DescriptionHi Lincu Avitec Brooder for sale, never used, £300. Thanks 
DescriptionSOFTBILL FEEDS imported from Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Asia Products from Claus, Unica, Lor, Versele Laga, De Imme   THE ONLY WEBSITE IN EUROPE DEDICATED TO FEEDS & SUPPLEMENTS

bird show

Proven Pair
 bird show
Descriptionbird show the gorseinon andoughor c.b.s.  open show is on the 9 nov  at the welfare hall woodlands rd. loughor swansea   THIS IS A BIRD SHOW NOT A SALE   Email or ring brian on 017

Proven Hen Crimson Wing

Proven Hen Crimson Wing
DescriptionProven hen Crimson Wing approximately five years old bought from Parrot Society breeder, sale due to loss of her mate earlier this year. Healthy bird proven with her mate £140 Ono  Andy Could meet
Indian Ringnecks for Sale
DescriptionTwo ringnecks for sale, aviary birds not tame Lutino Hen 2019 Bred £65 Grey Hen 2019 Bred £65 Large healthly birds will consider reasonable offer Andy
Dusky Pionus male exchange
DescriptionStill looking to exchange a Dusky Pionus 2019 DNA male, p/r, c/r for same to make unrelated pair. Also have 2 male Black Headed Caiques, one 2007 c/r, other split rung £250 each.  May exchange for y
7 unsexed conures
DescriptionHi I have for sale 7 mixed sexes but not sexed conures they are very fit and healthy fed all the best including fresh fruit and veg they are approx 2 yrs old there are  some pineapples and some green
Beautiful Baby Blue Parrotlet Parrotlet
DescriptionSelling my Beautiful Baby Blue Parrotlet Parrot. They are easy to tame them as they are very young and can be trained to talk as they are clever parrots. They are the worlds smallest parrots and they

Hooded Parakeets

Proven Pair
Hooded Parakeets
DescriptionDue to time wasters I'm putting my pair of  hooded up for resale.The cock is 2019 bred by myself and the hen is proven 2014 they are in good feather & condition.Rare birds that don't come up for s
Cockatoos For sale(Phone Calls Only)
Description*Phone Calls Only* Various Cockatoos For sale, Proven Pairs Available; Cock split lutino gala&Normal hen gala Galas medium crested Hen Available: 100% tame and talking Medium sulphur
Amazons for sale(phone calls only)
Description*Phone Calls Only* Various Amazons For sale, Proven Pairs Available; Red Lorde  Salvin Blue Fronted Yellow Crown Double Yellow Cock Bird Available; Panama ([Tame & Talking]) Thank
amazon wanted
Descriptionwanted  red lord cock amazon ,,,,, also wanted blue fronted hen amazon can collect or meet tx or phone if you can h7elp thanks
Green cheek conures for sale, cage, toys
DescriptionWe are selling 2 gorgeous green cheek conures. The yellow sided conure is one and a half years old and the other is going to be 1 soon. Unfortunately we need to look for a new home for them as we have
Male white bellied caique
Description4 year old male white bellied caique  Bought him to breed but he needs a family someone who can give him the time    He wolf whistles and says hello. He does step up on hand, he ain't the best flye
DescriptionLineolated Hens, Any colour except Green. I bought 3 pairs at Stafford & when I had them DNA sexed I had 6 cocks. Can collect at Stafford or Sedgemoor sale or will collect if not too far.
Luton quakers proven pair
Description Proven pair of Luton Quakers for sale, both close rung. 2014 £250 no offers 
DescriptionWanted urgently:   Do you by any chance have a hen Rock Pebbler available? Urgently required due to loss of current hen. Can meet at Stafford or collect in person. WHY/price?  Regards
Cockatiel pairs
Descriptioncockatiel breeding pairs all DNA  proven healthy  approx 3 years old  collect south yorkshire
Hand Reared Baby Conures
DescriptionHand reared Baby Conures. Males and Females. Greencheek, Yellowsided, Cinnamon etc Hand reared baby Pearly Conures coming in the next few weeks - available to reserve now. Very tame & cheeky. Co
ground dove
DescriptionHi looking for a hen plain breasted ground dove columbina minuta for my male.  
carrying case  £10.00
Descriptioncarrying case   length 241/2 in -  hight 12in -width 10in    01652652520 for details going to newark on 3-11-2019
Aluminium Aviary new
Description New aluminium Aviary 6foot x 3foot x 6 foot high meshed in 19 gauge 1 inch x half inch mesh complete with bolts to put together. £359
Blue streaked  lories
DescriptionWanted blue streaked lorries pairs or single birds