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Australian crested doves
Description2018 parent reared
Crimson-rumped Toucanet (NEW PRICE)
DescriptionCrimson-rumped Toucanet, DNA sexed cock, CB '16, close rung.  £1800  Contact for further details. 
Conures for stafford
DescriptionBlack capped Blue crowned Blue Green cheek Blue pineapple Blue cinnamon green cheek Dusky Gold capped Green cheek jenday Pearly pineapple yellowside red throated  suns Maroon bellied  
Diamond sparrows
Descriptiontwo unrelated pairs of diamond sparrows. £50 per pair   Can take to Stafford
Black Francolin
DescriptionUnrelated pair of black francolins. Hen parent reared. £180   Can take to Stafford


For Sale
DescriptionCock pekin robin. 2016 bred. £120 Unsexed red whiskered bulbul. 2018 bred. £100 Cock bearded reedling. 2017 bred. £70 Two cock masked lapwing. £50 each   Can take to Stafford  
Softbills wanted
DescriptionWanted 1 No Hen Amethyst Starling 1 No Hen Red Eared Bulbul 1 Pr White Cheeked Bulbuls
Softbills for Sale
Description2 Cock Amethyst Starlings for sale, (1 No 4 years old proven, 1 No 3 years old). 1 Red eared cock Bulbul.
Parrots for Sale
Description2018 female Grand Electus  (parent reared - hatched May 2018) good condition £500 2008 Male Illigers Macaw (with cites cert) good condition £400 location South Lincs Pm for more information.

Australian Crested Doves

Australian Crested Doves
DescriptionAustralian Crested Doves, August/Sept 2018 bred. kept in outdoor avairy  £40 each, all 3 £100 Going to Stafford Spring Sale

Mayers pair

For Sale
Mayers pair
Descriptionproven pair of mayers for sale both closed rung. Sitting on eggs now No messes or photo hunters I haven't got the time cheers £500.


For Sale
DescriptionDouble Bowl 4 inch swingfeeders used but in good condition  £10 each 07941968107