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Bramshaw Table Top Sale
Contact Rob 02380660460
Added 2019-02-05 20:18:20
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We have our next sale at Bramshaw village hall on Sunday 10th Feb, doors open 12:noon, up to 60 tables full of birds (Parrots/Finches) and acccessories, seed table, mealworms pinkies etc.membership must be applied for before the sale date Single membership £2.00, Family membership £3.00 (Children under 16yrs free). Tea / coffee's and hot and cold food, free parking.( NO JOINING ON THE DOOR) call Rob for membership. Also if any body would like a table give me a call Tables £5 Half a table £3.

Here's a list of the birds that will be coming in:


Exhibition / aviary / crested / babies


Yorkshires / Fifes / lizzards

Gloucesters / new colours / red factors

Non-intensity red / borders

Parrots and grass parakeets

Senegals / amazon / alexandrias 

Mountain parrakeets / moustached parakeets

Kakariki's - yellows / blues / red rumps / bourkes

Cockatiels / splendids / linneated / pied celestials

Turq's / parralets

Lovebirds - fischer's - masked - madagaskins

Diamond doves


Californian / Japanese /Chinese

Silver bobwhites / snowflake bobwhites /white bobwhites

British Birds

Lutino greenfinch hen / yellow rump siskin / greenfinches

Linnet mule cock bird / great tit / goldfinches

Blue tit / European robins

Siberian goldfinch / siberian bullfinch


Grey singing finch / red-faced parrot finches / zebs

Forbes parrot finches / blue-faced parrot finches / silverbills

Masked grass finches / starfinches / gouldians / parson's

goldbreasted / yellow rumped sierras / bengalese

Violet ear waxbills / pitals / peking robins

lavender finches / crimson finches / tree sparrows / hex


These are just some of the birds that members have told me they're bringing in. They will be more on the day!

Please remember that membership must be applied for before the sale date!!!


South West, UK
, So43 7JE