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Added 2019-09-11 16:27:26
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Quality birds available all breeding pairs unless stated moustashed £320pr,plumbheads 200pr,derbians £400pr.wagglers conures £425pr,meyers parrots £550pr,double yellow headed amazon's £1450pr not proven, all paperwork in order, Peach fronted Conures £320pr,austral conures (rare) £750pr,king parrots £375pr,crimsonwings £350pr,blue cheeked meallie rossellas £175pr, non proven prs pied pennants, albino pennants lutino pennants and albino orange, orange hen, also yellow fronted spangles kakys, and various lovebirds Inc yellow nyasas,lutino and albino Quakers dna sexed, dna hen white capped pionus £275,lovely red sided eclectus very steady £575,please no timewasters please thanks Brian 



South East UK, UK