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Handreared baby African Grey parrots now available for their new homes. 
Our parrots are very friendly and well socialised and all come with the necessary CITES paperwork and are DNA sex tested. They are covered by our 14 day livestock health guarantee and full after sale service. They also come with a FREE transport cage worth over £30 to travel home in. They are £1200 each
For more details please give us a call or pop into store.
We have a Large variety of birds available in our specialist bird section at Just for Pets in Coventry. From finches to parrots, aviary birds to hand reared babies we can cater for all your feathered friend’s needs!
We have expert, knowledgeable staff on hand, happy to help with all aspects of bird care.
Why not pay us a visit at Just for Pets located at the Arena shopping park, classic drive, Coventry CV6 6AS.

please contact us to check prices and current stock
Birds usually available include;
Zebra finches
Mutation zebra finches
Bengalese finches
Spice finches
Silver bills
Star finches
Owl finches
Cutthroat finches
Gouldian finches
Heck’s finches
Masked grass finches
Red faced Parrot finches
Blue faced Parrot finches
Forbes Parrot finches
Green singers
Gold breasted waxbills
Orange cheeked waxbills
St Helena waxbills
Red eared waxbills
Red cheeked cordon blues
Lavender waxbills
Violet Eared waxbills
Purple Grenadiers
Red billed fire finches
Strawberry finches
Cuban finches
Yellow winged pytillia
Red winged pytillia
Diamond fire tailed finches
Diamond doves
Fife Canaries
Lizard canaries
Budgies both pet and exhibition
Japanese quail
Pekin robins
Various handreared parrots
Open 7 days a week
Mon - fri 9am - 8pm
Sat 9am - 7pm
Sun 10.30am - 4.30pm


Midland UK, UK
, CV6 6AS