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Proven Pair of 2014 plumheads

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Contact Calum 07917131245
Added 2019-03-12 11:21:29
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Hi  I am selling my proven (not for me )pair of 2014 plumbed parakeets, they are in perfect feather and are digging out nestbox and have seen them mating on the perch , I only bought these birds last month but have realised I need the room for other birds  the only thing wrong with these birds are that they both have lost a few toes but this certainly hasn't stopped them mating or doing everything else normally, the chap I bought them from showers me pictures of them with their youngsters from the end of last year and as I say they are digging out the box and massing constantly  I bought them for £200 last month but only looking for £140 for a quick a few of my other birds have started messing much earlier than I expected  Thanks Calum 07917131245 


Scotland, UK
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