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Gorgeous double yellow headed amazon
DescriptionGorgeous double yellow headed Amazon for sale. Female, 10 years old. Beautiful condition. All cities paperwork, DNA cert, Hatch cert, microchipped. Talks, ALOT, Laughs, sings, ALOT , dances, barks. Co
Silly tame eclectus cock
DescriptionBeautiful 8month old male eclectus there the perfect  Bird for asthma sufferers as they dont shed feather dust  Unlike other parrot species and hes super tame he will go to Anybody and will not bit
Silly tame eclectus cock
DescriptionLast silly tame eclectus it's a cock bird and is 6 month old  Hes super silly tame he will go to any one and just started talking alot He will make a fantastic pet for any info on him just message m
Tame parrot
DescriptionAm after a handreared parrot for my freind shes already got a cookatoo and african gray but now shes after another I can collect at Stafford on sunday message me on 07951440216 thanks
Hand reared baby african grey
Description07562274144. Middlesbrough,  Hand reared baby african grey ready now 13 weeks old, super cuddly tame loves cuddles, trying to talk, closed psuk rung. Has A10 cities certificate, hatch certificate and
African greys
DescriptionHi for sale hand reared baby African greys there 8 weeks old close rung with all the paperwork lovely birds will make excellent pets if interested give me a call on 07788274872 Tommy there £850 each 
Baby African greys
DescriptionFor sale babe African greys there 8 weeks old at the moment and are close rung with all the paperwork will be ready for new home just in time for Christmas lovely Christmas present if you’re intereste
Baby African greys
DescriptionHi I’ve got 3 baby African greys for sale will be ready in a few weeks there close rung with all the paperwork if interest give me a call 07788274872