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Pr Madagascar lovebirds
DescriptionPr Madagascar lovebirds £120 
Wanted cockatiels
DescriptionAnyone taking any clear pied or mutation pied in normal or whiteface to Stafford please . I live ten mins from show ground so cud collect sat if ur travelling up or collect at show please phone or tex
Fischer Lovebirds
Description2019 birds DEC White hen £25, greens cocks and hens cocks possible split Opaline/Yellow £20/£25 each. Euwings cocks and hens £30 each. Opaline cock bird £100. Euwing/Opalines cock birds £140 each all


For Sale
Description Ringnecks for sale all prices are on photos also blue cock bird lost hen £100(possibly paired with the grey pied hen) and more info please call me
Barnards breeding pair
DescriptionProven breeding pair barnards good feather  Female DNA certificate £180 
Blue Front Amazons
DescriptionProven Pair of Blue Fronts Cock 8 years - Yellow Shouldered , A. a. xanthopteryx , Bolivian line Hen 4 years - Blue Front , A a. aestivation , Brazilian line Produce beautiful babies #1200 - no of
A. a. xanthopteryx - pair
DescriptionFor sale Proven Pair of Yellow shouldered amazons , A. a. xanthopteryx 8 years old - DNA sexed , disease tested , as are all our birds  Aviary birds not pets - been outside all year  Very big bird

Mealy amazon

Mealy amazon
DescriptionMealy amazon in excellent condition can take to Stafford 220 or will swap WHY
Hen blue bonnet
DescriptionHen blue bonnet excellent condition only reason for sale as lost mate can take to Stafford bird sale
Military macaw adult cock
DescriptionProven adult cock military macaw, dna sexed, split rung, microchipped with cities. Excellent feather and health, all toes and nails, perfect example. £900 or swap for other birds to the same value, or
DNA sexed pair senegal parrots
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, DNA sexed pair senegal parrots, closed PSUK rung, 9 year old, ( previously didn't know exact age so have caught them to check rings) still years left for breeding, both in m
Wanted Adult Orange Winged Hen
DescriptionWanted adult Orange Winged Amazon hen for breeding. Or will sell the adult proven cock £150  No texts or withheld numbers please.  

Panama Amazon

2019 bred
Panama Amazon
DescriptionPanama Amazon for sale. Parent reared, last years bird now 9 months old.  Aviary bird for breeding, not a pet. Excellent feather, good strong flyer.  £300  No texts or withheld numbers please.  
DNA pair blue throated conures
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, DNA adult sexed pair blue throated conures, both have A10 cities paperwork, both in excellent feather, ready for breeding, £350 the pair. Also I have a dna male blue throate
Pair peach faced lovebirds
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, pair peach faced lovebirds, one violet pied and one pied, bought as a pair, sex unknown £50 the pair. And also one blue fischer adult, sex unknown £20.
Peach faced lovebirds
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, pair peach faced lovebirds, one red eye white with touch of lemon, and one pied, bought as an adult pair sex unknown £50 a pair 
Mutation rosellas
DescriptionMutation rosellas for sale split black £150 a pair  Two pairs orange red rumps £40 pair 2pair Rubinho bourkes £50 a pair  splendids £80 a pair 4 turks hens  £15 For sale as Giving up birds
DescriptionFor sale 2019 birds Normal hen princess of Wales £80 (with dna) Normal cock splendid £35
Male African Grey
DescriptionComes with all necessary A10 paper work. A big bird, nest box diver and a growler. Fully feathered and closed rung. Not compatible with my hen hence the sale. Would like 550 or reasonable offers accep
Patagonia conures
DescriptionAny unwanted patagonians single or pair any birds considered .... text with offers ..thanks 


DescriptionStill looking for a Senegal cock bird of breeding age. Willing to travel if theres a suitable bird
Dusky Pionus
DescriptionHave a 2019 related p/r pair. Looking to exchange one to make unrelated pair. Prefer parent reared. Would consider buying another young pair to be able to split ours and make unrelated pairs.  
African grey female
Description12 year old female African grey only selling as lost cock bird at Christmas come with dna ,cities and is microchipped may swop for other birds she has started plucking since lost mate £500 

moluccan cockatoo

moluccan cockatoo
Description2010 cock Moluccan cockatoo , Been with elderly hen can't find young hen to pair up with. Immaculate   £1500