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Various birds
Added 2019-02-13 19:32:54
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Can take to Guildford sale Sunday

Western bluebills £250 pair close rung £250 

Great tits £120 pair 
Blue tits £130 pair 
Bramblings £120 pair 
Chaffinches £100 pair 
African Silverbills £15 pair 
Zebra Finches white £10 pair 
St Helena Waxbills £30 pair 
Strawberry Finches £65 pair 
Red Billed Fire Finches £100 pair 
Grey Singers £75 pair
Green Singers £100 pair 
Napoleon Weavers £30 pair 
Black Headed yellow Siskins £125 pair 
Masked GrassFinches £60 pair 
Gouldian Finches £60 pair 
Yellow Gouldian Finches £85 pair 
Star Finches £40 pair 

Owl Finches £40 pair 
Fawn Owl Finches £40 pair 
Spices Finch £30 pair 
Blue Faced Parrot Finches £55 pair 
Red Faced Parrot Finches £65 pair 
Forbes Parrot Finches £75 pair 
Red checked Cordon blue £110 pair 
Blue cappedCordon blue cock £50 
Sydney Waxbills £125 pair cock £60 
Java cream brown-head £20 pair 

collection from Po8 or can arrange courier from £50 


, Po8