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Bali starlings,pekin robin,roul roul par
Description2 Bali starlings,females both laid eggs this year with papers,1 male pekin robin,1 male roul roul partridge,buyer buys all 4 birds £500.
The Birds Of Paradise and Bower Birds
DescriptionThe Birds Of Paradise and Bower Birds : Cover is damaged, Book itself very good condition. £90. or nearest offer? Possibly take to December PS show.
Silver eared mesiah male
Description2017  male silver eared mesiah .
Softbills, luscinia cyane, etc
DescriptionFor sale: 2-2 Siberian blue robin 2019 (with DNA) 2-2 Siberian rubytroath 2019 1-1 Trush nightingale 2019 (with DNA) 1-1 Rufous tailed robin 2019 (With DNA) 1-1 Red flanked bluetail 2019 (with DN
DescriptionI HAVE BREEDING PAIRS OF BEARDED BARBETS FOR SALE  2016 proven pair £400 2017 bonded pair £385 2019 male from proven pair £145 all birds in immaculate condition feed on top quality diet  may swap

Roul roul

Bird Show / Sale / Event
Roul roul
DescriptionAny roul roul being take to bird sale tomo in thurrock ! Thanks pair or single wanted ...
Violacious touracos
Description2 pairs of unrelated Violacious touracos for sale (breeding pairs) £590 per pair, going to Stafford Show in December can meet.
Description2 PAIRS OF PROVEN PIED DIAMOND DOVES £75 A PAIR  [both pairs reared this year] THEY WILL BOTH BREED STRAIGHT AWAY only for sale as i have 5 pairs with eggs and young now and have bred over 25 chicks s
white rumped shama
DescriptionLooking for a White Rumped Shama Male (COCK BIRD). Within a resemble distance of Derby.    

Cape robin chats

Cape robin chats
DescriptionProven pair cape robin chats for sale £300 Cock 2016 Hen 2018
Softbills for sale
DescriptionHello I have for sale 1,2 Lamprotornis Iris 0,1 Lamprotornis Purpereus 0,1 Lamprotornis Chloropterus 1,2 Garralux Canorus 2,0 hypsipetes leucocephalus 0,2 Entomyzon cyanites 1,1 Tachyphonus


For Sale
DescriptionTwo hen blackbirds for sale both 2019.   1 blue hen - light colour - £130  1 Normal hen - possible grizzle carrier - white toenails and from a line of grizzles- £75  In Suffolk - could be possible


DescriptionHen blackcap wanted, or buy pair if available 
hen pekin robin
Descriptionlooking for a hen pekin robin 

Venezuelean trupials

Venezuelean trupials
DescriptionIcrerus icterus 2019 dna sexed close rings .pair
Gracula religiosa intermedia
Description2019 pair religiosa intermedia plus 2 males 
Von der Decken hornbill male
DescriptionMale Von der Decken hornbill for sale after recent loss of mate. £250
Red Turtle Doves
Description1 pair of 2018 Bred Turtle doves. Only selling to make room £60
1.1 SPREO STARLINGS + spare cock
Description1.1 SPREO STARLINGS plus spare cock available 2019 bred, unrelated, with dna   Available from London or can courier by Walkers
Rarely Seen Softbills
Description1 pr Klaas's Cuckoo DNA Sexed very steady unrelated   1pr Japanese Blue and White Flycatcher hand tame unrelated  SOLD 1pr White Fronted Woodpecker DNA Sexed unrelated   1pr Red Legged Honeycreeper
Cock Red Capped Cardinal
DescriptionImmaculate Cock Red Capped Cardinal £150.00
Black Cap Cock
DescriptionBlack Cap Cock  2019 bird, very healthy just spare to breeding project Can take to Guildford Bird Shows £70 or near offer 
DescriptionMALE Redback Shrike 2018   £190