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We found 54 results at location "South East UK"
Roul roul hen
DescriptionHen roul roul wanted reasonably priced please may consider 2 hens at gd price ....near to me as possible please 
Pekin Robin hen
DescriptionHen pekin Robin to or with my male bird ....reasonably priced please and near me as possible please ...
Description1.1 EMERALD STARLINGS German bred, with dna certificates 2017/18 in good feather and colour   Located in London ... can be sent by Walkers Couriers
1.1 White Wagtail [Motacilla alba]
Description2.2 White Wagtail [Motacilla alba] 2019 close-rung unrelated bred in The Netherlands & Belgium with DNA certificates
DescriptionHEN PEKIN ROBIN 2019 captive bred, with dna certificate   Just one hen available, located in London, can be sent by Walkers Courier  
Description1.1 CHESTNUT FLANKED ZOSTEROPS superb condition true pair, 2017/18 rarely seen in the UK    
Cock Blue Fronted Amazon
DescriptionCock BFA for sale £280.00 or buy hen. He has sexing ring and 12 years old. Only for sale as lost hen. In colchester essex can meet if that helps. Not a strong flyer but gets about a large aviary ok. P
DescriptionI have young and pair up lovebirds,opalines with redhead,orange head,white head with different body colours,Fallow in blue,yellow pale ,Fischer opalines,split opalines,violet and normal green hens.Fro
Breeding colony conures
DescriptionBreeding colony of 10 proven conures for sale double factor blue pineapple ,pineapple blues and yellow sided conures 1 normal hen aswell 11 in total some dna 1 hen has 1 leg so only pricing the 10 she
Female vosmeari Eclectus
DescriptionAvailable  2019 close rung Female vosmeari Eclectus hand reared but not a pet £1200
Strawberry Finches
DescriptionBreeding pair of Strawberry Finches.  2018 aviary bred and have produced chicks this year.  £70pr.  Taking to BKA sale today in West Thurrock. 

Grey Singing Finches

Grey Singing Finches
DescriptionBreeding pair of Grey Singing Finches. Both birds 2018 aviary bred and have produced chicks this year.  £95pr. Taking to BKA sale in West Thurrock today. 
Red Hooded Siskins
DescriptionBreeding pair of Red Hooded Siskins for sale. Both 2018 bred and have produced chicks this year.  £150pr. Taking to BKA sale in West Thurrock today.
Violacious touracos
Description2 pairs of unrelated Violacious touracos for sale (breeding pairs) £590 per pair, going to Stafford Show in December can meet.
Emerald dove male
DescriptionWanted : Male Emerald dove .  Can travel for  the right bird  Thanks for looking to my advert
Description Have been advised that the following members birds will be for sale at the WFS south east meeting on Sunday Blue caps Red cheek cordon Blue Red billed fire finches ... Blue billed fire finches
Blue throat macaw
DescriptionLooking for an adult Male blue throat macaw with all paperwork and close rung.  
imac Chrome parrot cage brand new
DescriptionSpace between bars 21.15mm 54x57x82cm Brand new parrot cage offers ?  or will exchange with pairs of parrotlet s Quakers lovebirds finches?
DescriptionI have for sale a parent reared close rung DNA'd Cock Meyers Parrot,aviary bred and fully hardy. Hatched and rung Dec 2018 ,fledged  in February2019. Fit and healthy on varied diet of seed/fruit and
Abyssinian lovebird
Description1 pair and 5 unrelated hens adults perfect condition 60£ each would like to sell the lot or may swap for pairs what you have let me know?
DescriptionHAND REARED BABY SENEGAL PARROTS  These are 2019 Close rung ,hand reared from 2 weeks.Cuddly tame birds which will be ready when fully weaned at approx 12 weeks. A deposit will secure your bird. We
Timor Zebra Finches
Description2 2019 bred Male Timor Zebra Finches. Surplus to requirements. £3 each   
Red Turtle Doves
Description1 pair of 2018 Bred Turtle doves. Only selling to make room £60
Galarita Hen Wanted for Cock
DescriptionThank you for reading,  I am looking for a Galarita Hen for my Cock. He is friendly and is looking for a match.  Please contact me if you have one Available. Thank you. D