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DYH Amazon double Yellow Male wanted
DescriptionHi Guys looking for a DYH Amazon Male I breed Double Yellows and have a female which I have kept in a trio whilst they matured but now is bothering the other two. If you have a DYH which you may wan
Electric rat or mouse trap
DescriptionTwo electric rat or mouse trap £12 each have two  x postage is about £2.50 thanks 
1-1 turtur brehmeri
Descriptionfor sale 1-1 turtur brehmeri 2019 untelated  either pickup or courier with walkers or from your choice can be done from netherlands also  info in pm 


Specialised Courier
DescriptionWanted: Pair of Senegal parrots Pair of Meyers. Green wing cock King parrot Must be dna'd  
Bleu bellied roller
Descriptionpair bleu bellied roller 2019 can be picked up bu walkers In netherlands we live close to dutch border    2-2 peking robin also available 
Ringnecks 2020 bleu, albino , violet....
DescriptionRingnecks 2020 closed ring 5x bleu 1 x albino  1x crème ino 1x violet/? cleartail 1 x violet turquoise 1 x violet  2X DFviolet 2 x bleu pallid  4 x bleu dilute  3 x kobalt turquoise 1x Albi
fischeri 2019 opaline,  euwing,....
Descriptionfischeri 2019 sexed with dna papers at some lovely PRICES, can make deal on all birds 1-0 euwing Dgreen/bleu or turquoise/?opaline 1-0 Dgreen/opaline/pale/?bleu or turquoise 1-0 SFvioletDgreen/opal
Bronze/ Pale Fallow Cockatiels wanted
DescriptionLooking for quality Bronze and/or Pale Fallow Cockatiels. Splits will also be considered. 
Yellow Crimson Wings
DescriptionTo reserve for august Yellow and split yellow crimson wings
2-2 malabars unrelated 2020
Descriptionto reserve End of july, i can offer 2 nice young pairs of malabars. closed banded, nature breed, including dna  i live in Holland.