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Get rid of blood mites!
DescriptionGet rid of Blood mites! Blood Shield is not a pesticide but is classified as supplementary animal food under GMP+ certification.  By administering Blood Shield to the drinking water of birds, the bloo
Avicultuur-LED lighting in birdscages
DescriptionAvicultuur-LED We have been the best known Dutch lighting system using 12-Volt-LED-lighting for birdscages and aviaries for many years. Over this time, many bird breeders throughout Europe have insta
Orange rosella (Platycercus eximius)
DescriptionRosella orange 2020 I will sell this year's young in pairs and single females: 1.0 normal / orange, opal, pastel, cinnamon 1.0 pastel / orange, opal, cinnamon2.0 opal pastel / orange, ?cinnamon?2.0