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Blue fronted amazons
DescriptionBonded pair of blue fronted Amazons with dna, would swap for a pair of black headed caiques or yellow or green thighed caiques 
Breeding pair of amazons
DescriptionBreeding pair of amazons Dna papers.. Proven pair.. Both ringed There is a extra large double cage £500 without cage £600 with cage
2019 black headed Caiques
Description2019 male Black headed Caiques for sale.  Closed rung parent reared with DNA certificates. I do not have females available, would be open to swaps for a yellow thighed hen 
Illigers Macaw female
Description2019 female Illigers  Macaw, closed rung, DNA & CITES certs. Going through a moult, so feather condition not perfect. price £400.  


For Sale
DescriptionProven Ruppells Cock Sell Or Swap For Pair Of Meyers Parrots Or Pair Of Senegals With Cash Adjustment. 07941968107
Turquoise Tanager
DescriptionTurquoise Tanager Hen £400 Red Legged Honey Creeper Hen £350 SOLD 07565 751668
Red legged honey creeper
DescriptionHi I’m looking for a hen red legged honey creeper  young or old hen 
Parakeets softbill doves
Description2 blue cleartail hen ringnecks 175 each  Dna pr blue throated conures 275 pr SOLD  Dna pr common mynah 275  4 unsexed common mynahs 100 each Pr emerald doves 120  2 luzon bleeding heart doves bou


For Sale
Descriptionproven adult cock yellow backed chattering lory dna sexed £200
Pineapple Hen wanted
DescriptionWanted Hen pineapple conure. Male lost hen and looking for a new mate. Most be closed rung and DNA paperwork.
Dna Pair Senegal parrots
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, Adult  dna sexed pair senegal parrots, breeding birds not pets, both in beautiful condition. £400 the pair
Male lutino ringneck
DescriptionMiddlesbrough. 07562274144. Adult male lutino ringneck, 3 year old, in beautiful condition. Aviary bird not Pet. Lost hen. £100 
DNA African grey hen
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144, DNA sexed African grey female, aviary bird not Pet, 10 year old, DNA sexed, microchipped has cities a10 certificate. In beautiful condition  is a bit of a growler. £800 No o
Hand reared baby African grey
DescriptionMiddlesbrough 07562274144. Hand reared baby African grey. Last one of 3, cuddly tame. Been hand reared from 2 weeks old, used to household noises, loves to be out. Closed PSUK rung,comes  with cities
2019 white capped pionus parent reared
Description2019 close rung, parent reared, dna sexed related pair white capped Pionus £400. Would swap cock for same to make unrelated. 
Hand reared baby African grey
Description13 week old hand reared African grey its dnad female comes with cites paperwork this bird is super silly tame been hand reared from 14 days old been brought up rounds children and cats ready for new h
Description1 cock bird and 2 hen birds all in imaculate condition all birds unrelated these are 2019 birds and are the last of my cockatiels  as packing up with them for now.£120 for the 3 no offers or timewaste
Red factor african grey congo
DescriptionCongo African grey parrot not sure of sex but was told he's Male he's about 12 years old Talks sings whistles fully tame comes on hand eats from hand.. His names Oscar and rare as he has the orange/
Roul roul
DescriptionAnyone got a pair of roul roul or single birds going to softbill sale suffolk sunday ...reasonably priced please 
Galah cock split Lutino
DescriptionGalah cock split lutino,dna, 5 year old aviary bird. Very nice looking bird,fit good feather.650  
Hen Senegal parrot
Description      Hen Senegal parrot  egg laying hen 2014  dna and closed rang perfect bird  £250
Emerald dove male
DescriptionWanted : Male Emerald dove . Can collect in 100% softbills this Sunday.  Thanks for looking to my advert
blue headed pionus cock
Descriptionblue headed pionus DNA'D cock 3 years or older ring mark on 07894865547  
Shama cock wanted
DescriptionWhite rumped shama cock wanted, can arrange collection at softbill show this Sunday.