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Emerald dove male
DescriptionWanted : Male Emerald dove . Can collect in 100% softbills this Sunday.  Thanks for looking to my advert
blue headed pionus cock
Descriptionblue headed pionus DNA'D cock 3 years or older ring mark on 07894865547  
Shama cock wanted
DescriptionWhite rumped shama cock wanted, can arrange collection at softbill show this Sunday.
Baby Scarletmacaw
Description For sale beautiful 20 week old Scarletmacaw close rung with cites certificate please no offer and no time wasters pick up or can deliver anywhere for fuel cost thanks .£2400

Red fronted Manycolours

Red fronted Manycolours
DescriptionHi I have a pair of red fronted Manycolours unrelated 2019 £100 07970405809 
Harlequin macaw
Description Harlequin macaw 8 years old semi tame talking,believed to be male £2000 no offers 
Popular British Birds in Aviculture
DescriptionIn excellent condition boxed set of 4 books, Popular British Birds in Aviculture. can be collected at Risby All Softbill show on 10th Nov.
Spreo Hen wanted
DescriptionLooking for hen spreo. Birmingham based but happy to pay courier or travel for right bird.
 male kestrel
Descriptionlooking for a cock kestrel please if any about with papers 
100% Softbills
Description Please come to the uk’s all breeds softbill event.  Details found on hope to see you on Sunday 10th November at 10:30    
Conures wanted.
DescriptionI'm looking for a proven and/or DNA'd pair of conures please to add to my small collection. Preferably crimson bellied, but will consider other varieties. Hopefully as close to East Devon as possible,
SOFTBILLS at 100% SOFTBILLS this Sunday
DescriptionSOFTBILLS available at 100% SOFTBILLS this Sunday near Bury St Edmunds   1.1 CHESTNUT FLANKED ZOSTEROPS 1.1 SENEGAL ZOSTEROPS 1.1 WHITE CHEEK BULBULS + spare cocks 1.1 RED-WHISKERED BULBULS + spar
DescriptionWe currently have 3  tame hand reared rare Blue Throated Conures available in South Wales.These have been raised by us and we own the parents.   They are currently between 8 and 9 weeks old and they
Meyers and senegals pairs
DescriptionProven pairs of meyers £ 550 pair senegals £350 pair.
Illiger macaw
DescriptionIlliger macaw proven cock with cities £ 500 no offers****reserved***
DescriptionPROVEN PAIR COCKATOOS (cactus sanguinea) Have breed and reared two young.Both birds are dna sexed and in perfect feather flying in outside flight Also adult DOUBLE YELLOWED AMAZON proven numerous tim

Double cage

For Sale
Double cage
Descriptionfor sale are two double breeding cages that was used to breed African grey in 
*NEW* Lima Double Breeding Cages
DescriptionI have 44 Lima double breeding bird cages with 11 stands for sale. They make 11 sets four cages high.   Suitable for small birds from Finches up to Budgies, Cockatiels, smaller Conures and Parakeets

Blue and gold cock

Blue and gold cock
Description 7 year old, closed rung, parent reared cock bird £500 will courrier
Pineapple conures
Yellow faced Parrotlets wanted
DescriptionWANTED Yellow Faced Parrotlets  ideally cock birds but would buy pairs or single hens  Pm me if you can help!
Stafford sale
DescriptionTakeing Stafford in December  2 x young unrelated pairs yellow bibbed lorikeets  2 x provern pairs of rockpebblers  10 mixed kakarikis all colours  Message me on 07811977929 thanks
Princess of Wales
Description2019 pair of normal princess of Wales £150 (with DNA) 2019 hen princess of Wales £80 (with DNA)  
Male Alexander possible split Lutino
Description This years bird,he was a single bird parent reared so plenty of size,father is a split Lutino bred by one of the top breeders in the UK,so comes from good quality stock. I can send by curior but kno